And now something completely different :) ,easy summer tune that i recorded in Jamaica. Free download of the 256kbps mp3 here. If you want to support or play these tracks as a DJ go and buy full 320 kbps mp3 or wav file. There is also empty instrumental version, specially for mcs, available to buy.

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Music by MikkiM,vox Quench.

Heavy instrumental version- organs and clavinet by Jan Simacek (Svihadlo, Bug and Dub, Riddimshot) Scratching by Babylon Rocker,trumpet by Tribuman,trombone by Vitek.

Empty instrumental version is only available at Juno.

Moombahton remix by Chong X and Babylon Rocker.

Cover photo- Poupek

Cover design and mastering – Merak

I started a new you tube channel where i m gonna put my new songs.

You can can check my old channel here.